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Mufasa Fart King Dutchess Dakota Reign Ms. Parker
Hannah Stormz Felicity Smyth Black Diamond and many more!

In this custom Debbie is responding to a personals ad. To show me what she's capable of, she turns her house in a kind of REALITY TV house for the next MONTH and let ME pay to watch and decide if she's the girl I'm looking for. In the end she will call me to ask if I am satisfied and wants to meet her for real.
Debbie wears black leather pants or a tight dress (no panties) when coming home from work
Debbie does some walking farts
Debbie does arm-pumping farts (the movement of her arm show the length of her farts)
Debbie does multi part farts (short, short and then a long one) at full power.
Debbie does unaware farts (just like the ring camera farts). I'd love her to walk outside several times to fart an extreme loud one. Or when she arrives home, gassy as hell.
Debbie does flour farts in the bedroom
Debbie teases the guy while bending over with no panties on
I love extremely powerful loud blasts! THIS IS PART 7!!

You DO NOT LIKE when your girl farts in front of you!  and you always complain to her when she does.  Well she got tired of your COMPLAINING so she has tied you up just so she could FART IN YOUR FACE ALL DAY LONG as a punishment for not letting her fart freely!  She is loading up on her favorite snack CABBAGE! because it gives her SUPER STINKY GAS and she will fart on your nose all day to teach you a lesson!  she will fart in your face until you CANNOT TAKE THE SMELL ANYMORE!!

your fart fetish is OUT OF CONTROL so you had an EMERGENCY FART SESSION with your fart fetish doctor Fennixx.  She put you under the FART FETISH STRESS TEST!  farting in your face over and over again and then recording your response.. waving the smell over to you then recording your response.. she rips LONG DEEP farts all in your face... just to see your reaction.

SEE THE PREVIEW PIC!!! these farts were so fucking POWERFUL they sounded like they hurt coming out! she almost BLEW OFF THE DRESS OFF OF HER ENTIRE BODY! as you can see by the preview her farts definitely had some FORCEFULNESS to them!

Once Again!  Watch Fennixx fart for nearly 3 MINUTES STRAIGHT as she attempts to sing a song for you with her ass!  you will NOT BELEIVE the sounds coming outta that booty and how LONG these farts are!!

Fennixx wants to spoil you with farts and make your fart fetish dreams a reality!  she wants you to follow her to the other room where she will fart in your face all night long in tight tight jeans! lots of bass in your face!

THIS IS PART 2! Fennixx is mad at you and she wants to HUMILATE you with her bassy DUCK SOUNDING farts!  she pumps her arm as she pushes out each fart and tells you... "TAKE THAT MUTHAFUCKA! NOW SNIFF IT BITCH!"

Fennixx farts are coming out with such POWER if you look closely at the PREVIEW PIC you can see the asshole VIBRATING when she pushes each of these farts out!  she is the fucking QUEEN of farts!


in this CUSTOM FANTASY SANTANA has just finished taking a MONSTER DUMP and she is still gassy.. so she walks from the bathroom so she can fart out the rest of her BATHROOM GAS right into your face!  she talks REALLY DIRTY in this one.. telling you ALL ABOUT her MEGA DUMP that she just took.. as she pushes out DEEP DEEP POOT sounding farts on your face, nose and mouth.. she says.....

"OMG... you should have seen it... that sucker was like a foot long.. and very thick! man it was so big and it STUNK I can't believe I had that inside of me... taste it baby.. I only did one wipe.. just like you like it.. taste my ass... I love being dirty for you... do you like the way it tastes? that's it.. taste it.. taste my ass daddy... it turns me on so much... I am going to suck your dick so good after this" 

watch sexy Fennixx sing a song with these LONG WATERY BLASTS!  it was hard to name this clip.. so I will say it another say... these are some of the GREATEST FARTS YOU WILL EVER FUCKING HEAR!!!

RIPPING SIMPLY AMAZING FARTS IN SKIN TIGHT JEANS!!!  Santana in this custom fantasy is mad at you!  she is cleaning her house and farting so fucking LOUD AND BUBBLY because she has bad gas!  she is embarrassed and wants to be left alone but you have a fart fetish so you refuse to leave.. because these farts are just TOO DAMNED GOOD!  she tells you "this whole house smells like eggs"  "can you FUCK OFF"  "PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND"  BRRRUUUUUMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH

RIPPING FUCKING INCREDIBLE FARTS IN HER NEW BROWN LATEX PANTS!!!  Fennixx in this custom fantasy is mad at you!  she is cleaning and farting so fucking LOUD AND BUBBLY because she has bad gas!  she is embarrassed and wants to be left alone but you have a fart fetish so you refuse to leave.. because these farts are just TOO DAMNED GOOD!  she tells you "my ass is like a crazy monster right now, please leave the room, I don't want you here"  and even tells you to "fuck off!"


I told Fennixx to PROVE that she was the GREATEST FARTER IN GIRL FART HISTORY by making a jean fart compilation of ONLY HER BEST FARTS for an entire week!  well... THIS FUCKING COMP does prove that she is the UNDISPUTED BEST FARTER IN THE WORLD! so fucking long and bubbly.. you WON'T BELIEVE THIS!

THIS IS THE FINAL SCENE!  It may be the pose.. it may be the SKIN TIGHT JEANS.. look I don't know what it is but these are some of the most AMAZING FART SOUNDS I HAVE EVER HEARD!  sounded like she is SAWING HER ASSHOLE IN FUCKING HALF!  like if JACKIE DA RIPPER and BRITNEY MOORE had a baby.. and named her BIG BERTHA

THIS IS PART 2!  Fennixx tells you at the beginning of this clip that once again she is going for a "world record" fart!  these farts were LONG AS FUCK one of them THIRTY FIVE SECONDS! and her ass looks naked and INSANE!!

FENNIXX IN HER NEW RED LATEX PANTS is producing farts like you NEVER HEARD BEFORE.. incredible fucking sounds!  POWERFUL .... WET... BUBBLY.. BRUMMMMMMMPHS!  maybe her BEST FARTS EVER!!!!

THIS IS FUCKING INSANE!!! long deep bassy MOOSE FARTS! in red fucking LATEX!  RED FUCKING LATEX! Santana Redd is a BEAST!  You do not want to miss this!!!

The LONG RUMBLY WATERY fart sounds coming outta her ass in these BLACK LEATHER PANTS will drive you INSANE!  Watch Fennix do a sexy dance for you while laying on the floor and FART HER FUCKING SOUL OUT!!


I love when you can hear a LONG RUMBLY FART coming out of a models ass behind her when you can see her beautiful face at the same time!  Fennixx wants you to get back there and sniff it up as she pushes all that LONG BUBBLY GOODNESS into your face!! PART 2!

THIS WAS A CUSTOM IDEA DONE FOR A LONG TIME FAN--- this was his script for Santana Redd--

Please have Santana wear the black latex pants,  have her sit in a pillow so the farts can have a very deep sound to them.  have her lift both legs, while showing the bottom of her dirty feet and rip long low toned farts that sound like a tuba or long deep trombone over and over again"

these farts are fucking DEEP AND BASSY.. the sounds are so FUCKING WEIRD even Santana had to laugh at them a few times!!

well lets just say Santana knocked this idea out of the park!  turned out SUPER HOT and I will probably have her do this again!!!!

It is your "first date" with some new girl you made on a dating app.  she is hot but STRANGE!  she agreed to go out with you but she wants to FART and BURP in your face all night long!  Strange request.. but she is so hot you decided to go through with it!  this custom idea is HOT HOT HOT!

I love when she screams...  "HOLD ON! WAIT! WAIT! HERE IT COMES! HERE IT COMES!!" then she pushes out a big, deep, long gassy BRUUUMMMMMPPPPHH!

FUCK SHE IS HOTTER THAN EVER!!!  Brapp Widow aka GODDESS JENN has returned and the time off has been great for her!  she is hotter than ever and farting BIGGER, BETTER AND LONGER than ever!  In this clip she wishes you are there laying behind her and she taunts you as only SHE can taunt you!  "you know you miss this ass"  "you are obsessed with these farts"  "nobody farts like this, nobody has an ass like this"  GODDESS JENN IS ONE OF THE ALL TIME GREATS and her return has been amazing!!

You and your gf Fennixx are spending time together and she is doing all the things you like!  Farting in your face.. really long ones at that.. burping in your face and letting you suck on and play with her tits!

FUCK this is hot!  Mufasa was INHALING Dakota's BUBBLEY FARTS so intense that you can HEAR her sniffing them!  she is really getting into smelling Dakota's RUMBLY farts and it is a fucking TURN ON!! she even KISSES Dakota's round booty!!

PART 2!  Santana just got some NEW LEGGINGS and she is breaking them in with EXTRA LONG EXTRA RUMBLY BASS RIPPERS!  these leggings must be TOO TIGHT because these farts are VERY DEEP! and LONG 3 of them were in the 30 SECOND RANGE!

in this PART 2 these were EXTRA RUMBLY, EXTRA BUBBLY AND EXTRA LONG!!!!  In her BRAND NEW LEGGINGS Fennixx is ready to go to FART WAR and she is ripping some of the most BUBBLY AND DISGUSTING farts you will ever hear!! 

Santana let out a 27 SECOND FART in this series with a few 20 SECOND FARTS as well and they all sounded DEEP and TUBA-LIKE since she was wearing tight jeans!  another MUST BUY for your collection!

SANTANA SHARTED AND IT IS VISIBLE!  yes.. on top of ripping a few LONG TUBA FARTS in the 30 SECOND RANGE Santana actually SHARTED through her panties at the end of this clip and it is VERY VISIBLE!!!

SANTANA IS BACK AGAIN to try to break her longest fart record!  most of these WHOPPERS were in the 20-25 SECOND RANGE with the longest one clocking in at about 25 SECONDS!  she got NEW JEANS too and her ass is looking EXTRA SEXY in them and as always AMAZING fucking DEEP fart sounds!!



"while laying on stomach She starts letting out a long bubbling fart. Then, she quickly grabs her ass, stops farting and looks at the camera.
“Oh, did you say something?” She tries to listen but the rest of the fart suddenly roars out of her. “Sorry.” she laughs awkwardly. “I’ve been holding them all day.” She then goes on to hold a quiet conversation with me (basically rambling) while farting her ass off. Sometimes, she’d be talking (about her day, the weather, work plans, favorite foods, or telling a story) and other times, she’d be listening (saying “yeah,” “okay,” “mhmm,” or “Exactly”). She has very long, bubbling, wet farts and has no shame with that. She farts between sentences, she farts between words, and she’ll even fart and talk at the same time. Sometimes, she’ll start letting out a long fart, pause it to say a quick word, and then let out the rest. Sometimes, she’ll let it bubble on and on uninterrupted, pushing a little harder here and there. And sometimes she’ll quickly push it out all at once like a disgusting roar. But she would rarely ever give them any attention. She’s so deep in conversation that the farting is a secondary issue for her. she just keeps farting long bubbly farts while we talk and she barely even cares that she is doing it.. she is very comfortable and natural"

Basically she is farting UP A STORM while having casual conversation with you in this HOT custom!!!


Imagine all Dakota did all day was FART IN YOUR MOUTH! that was her only purpose.  She wants you to put your mouth over her butthole every time she farts so you can taste what her farts taste like.  She tells you to "get ready" and to "open your mouth now" and asks... "how does it taste"  that is all she does for you ALL.. DAY.. LONG! THIS IS PART 2!!

IN THIS PART 3...the way FENNIX tells you to "come with her" and tell you she is your "fart fantasy coming true" is just SO FUCKING HOT!! she dances for you and seduces you with EXTRA LONG deep farts!  welcome to CLUB FENNIX!

I been doing this for a long time and these are probably the DEEPEST BASSIEST LEGGING farts I have ever heard!  Santana had a straight up TUBA coming outta her ass this whole clip!  and the way she tells you to "come with her" and tell you she is your "fart fantasy coming true" is just SO FUCKING HOT!!

Have you seen the TIK TOK "lawn mower challenge".. if not google it.  Well hot chicks with BIG ASSES pretend to start their asses up as if they are trying to start a big lawn mower!  Well Debbie Disturbed got in on this challenge except rather than a lawn mower her has was ripping HUGE GASSY, BASSY farts!  and when she SHAKES HER ASS those DEEP FARTS make COOL BUBBLY fucking sounds!

OH MY GAWD!!!!  this is so fucking HOT!

This is PART 4 of a CUSTOM VIDEO for a long time fan!  Here was his message to SANTANA REDD---

Santana, I would like you to try to fart as many times in a row as possible and I want you to pump your arm with every fart!  Make cute facial expressions and show me your beautiful ass at the same time! 

Well of course Santana Redd NAILED this idea and farted what seemed like it had to be 500 TIMES IN A ROW!

Mufasa is your FANTASY.. she is here to FART FOR YOU and MAKE YOUR FART FANTASIES come true!  love her.. romance her.. SNIFF HER FARTS and worship her like the queen she is!

GAWD Santana Redd is so fucking sexy!  Just something about her!!!  Imagine meeting her at a club.. you guys are dancing... talking... and she keeps farting for you to make you laugh AND to turn you on!  She knows you think girls farting is sexy so she is seducing you with BIG BASSY stinky farts!!

FUCK!!!  Santana Redd finally broke the 30 SECOND BARRIER!  My customer wanted another compilation of farts in the black pants and once again Santana fucking Delivered!  the farts in this clip are so FUCKING LONG!  one that is 24 SECONDS followed by a BRUUUUUUMPH that is 30 SECONDS LONG!!!

They VERY GORGEOUS Mufasa wants you to quickly get behind her and sniff her LOUD STINKY GAS but she wants you to be careful because she needs to use the toilet ASAP so her farts are EXTRA stinky!

Quickly becoming the HOTTEST FETISH MODEL EVER Mufasa wants you to get behind her and bury your face into her round perfect ass so she can fart on it!



In this fantasy you are my girlfriend, you just got home from a busy day, and you are bare ass nude in the shower.  wash your body sexy, showing off your ass and curves... you had just got home from work, so you can unleash your bassy farts you have held in all day, so you begin ripping bassy fart after bassy fart. Soon afterward, I come home from work to see you just the way I like to, and that is your perfect nude body in the shower while you are ripping beautiful bassy farts from your perfect curvy ass.   I jumped right in there with you in the shower and I began eating your pussy and round farting ass.   you were surprised  by my sudden ass and pussy eating, but as soon as you realized how well I was doing you started encouraging me with more bassy farts, dirty talk, and the promise of hot bassy fart sex. do lots of sexy talk telling me how you will rip deep farts all over my cock and balls while I fuck you...   after a few minutes of dirty talking as well as ass and pussy eating, you tell me that you need to have my cock in your mouth, so you quickly get on your knees, and begins to suck me off POV style.... your bass farts, dirty talking, and bobbing head really has me going. Then you get into doggy position because I begin to fuck you really hard, all the while you rip sexy sounding deep farts. you even slap your ass a few times, and grind on my cock here and there too because you are so into it. Soon you will want to cum, and after I speed things up, you eventually do, but I still haven’t, so you begin fucking me and farting bigger and louder than ever until I eventually unload my balls deep inside of you. yes.. I finally came.... and At the end of our hot, smelly, and showery sex, you tell me that our love making was very dirty so we should actually clean ourselves now, and give me a playful wink of the eye. (THIS IS FINAL SCENE OF A 4 PART CUSTOM FANTASY)

(THE FINAL SCENE) I told Santana I wanted her to keep her streak of WORLD RECORD FARTS going but this time put on those MAGIC black latex pants!  these farts sounded like a TROMBONE stuck in her ass!  like a BLOW HORN! she had a few 8 SECOND FARTS and a couple other nice long FARTS and most importantly they were DEEP and low toned!


the fan wrote.....

"I know Debbie is known for long farts but I would like to see how long Santana Redd can rip a deep bassy fart also.  I would like her to make a compilation of only her longest farts"

well Santana made this customer VERY happy!  just about all the farts in this clips were LONG!  all are long and very sexy sounding!  and there were 3 10 SECOND FARTS!!  and she did all of these long as fuck farts in TIGHT SEXY PANTS!  if you love LONG FARTERS peep this one out!!


the fan wrote.....

"I know Debbie is known for long farts but I would like to see how long Santana Redd can rip a deep bassy fart also.  I would like her to make a compilation of only her longest farts"

well Santana made this customer VERY happy!  not only did she provide a 12 SECOND FART just about EVERY FART IN THIS FUCKING CLIP is in the 6-12 SECOND RANGE!  and she did all of these long as fuck farts in TIGHT JEANS!  LONG FART LOVERS add this one to your collection!

in this CUSTOM FANTASY once again your cute roommate knows you have a STRONG FART FETISH so whenever she is running a little short on cash she asks you can she pay her rent with farts.. in other words.. she will let you BURY YOUR NOSE IN HER ROUND ASS and inhale all of her farts for a few days and in exchange for this you let her slide on this months rent.  Well she is short on her rent again so it is your time to "collect".  you will be sniffing her sexy farts all week long!

Your Dad is not going to be home all night so your Mom is going to let you sniff her HOT MUSTY GAS all night long! she tells you...

"get your nose in there son"

"they stink, they have that smell that you love"

"so get down there and sniff it for Mommie"

and she rips fart after fart after DEEP BELLOWING fart in her black latex pants for you!

Debbie is the modern day QUEEN OF FARTS and I think we can all agree on that...  but she also wants to prove that she has the BEST ASS IN THE WORLD as well!  and for some reason she challenged LOLA LUV!  so not only did Debbie put on a BUBBLY FART EXHIBIT!  but she also showed off that big round PERFECT ass!  Lola Luv... your move!

you are on the NAUGHTY LIST so you get Dakota's big round booty in GRINCH pajamas ripping long bubbly farts in your face... and later in a tight mini skirt!  BLO BLO BLO!!

I swear Debbie may have to see a Doctor after letting out some of these farts!  Sounding like she was about to blow out her whole INTESTINAL WALL these farts were so FEROCIOUS she probably gave herself a hernia!!

If there was some sort of contest of who had the MOST BUBBLY CHEEK FLAPPIEST RUMBLY AND WET RIPPERS then I would have to say Eve Taboo and Brittany Moore come to mind as participants.... but in THIS FUCKING CLIP Nicole Blaze as ripped the CRAZIEST sounding most EXPLOSIVE bubbly blasters I have ever heard in one clip!  it literally sounded like her ASSHOLE WAS RIPPING OUT!  and she is ready to go to war with any professional farter!  she even has her WAR PANTS on!!

Your hot girlfriend Lola Luv farts for you any time you want her too.. she LOVES fulfilling your fetish for you..  every time she was one she tells you to get behind her and get ready for it... and all she asks is that you eat her pussy for a little bit after she is done farting for you... sounds fair to me..  right??

lay still and let SANTANA REDD BURY your nose and face in her STINKY MUSTY FART CLOUD!  her big round ass will swallow your ENTIRE face and the farts will MELT whatever is left!

Some of the LONGEST, MOST RUMBLY explosive farts in sexy poses all ripped in SKIN TIGHT WHITE JEANS!  this clip is PACKED with farts with very little "lag time" in between!  who needs OF when you have this???

A little bit of BROWN comes out every time Dakota farts!  she is not sure why but she is sure that she has maybe the DIRTIEST ASSHOLE ON EARTH!  she wants you to come and clean it for her!

LOOK AT THAT ASS!  Dakota's ass is getting HUGE! and she broke in two new pairs of JEAN SHORTS for us with some of her BEST most BUBBLY farts she was ever ripped for the camera!!!

Mufasa has had the RUNS for the past 2 days..  good news is she is finally able to fart without fear of making a mess ... bad news.. her farts STILL smell like DIARRHEA and Dakota is getting a full nose full of it!

Dakota got bad gas.. she also has errands to run so.. anyone in her path.. well that is just too bad.  She is farting all over this store.. LOUD PARPY ONES TOO and she does not seem to care who hears them!

Dakota LOVES having her ass worshipped!  She is begging you to get behind her, bury your nose in between her meaty cheeks because she is ready to FART FOR YOU ALL NIGHT LONG!

Santana has CRAZY BAD GAS and the worst part,
 every time she farts.. SHE SHARTS!  so she has
 to wipe every time as not to ruin her favorite pair
 of full back panties.

MUFASA IS FUCKING PERFECT!  She is begging you to bury your nose in her butthole as she releases GODZILLA type rippers all over your nose and mouth.. FUCK she gets HOTTER every single week!

Watch Sexy SANTANA RED slowly lower her ass down onto your nose and fucking MELT the tip of it off with MUSTY ROTTEN EGG GAS!  are you ready for these farts???  cause she is ready to serve them to you!!

if you would like your very own custom fantasy email us at info@cworldent.com

Get your nose in there.. Lola is BEGGING for it.. 
 that round ass and that LOUD GAS is paradise! INHALE!

Watching Dakota play with Mufasa's HUGE TITS
 and then bury her face into her ass and INHALE her
 long stinky gas.. will make you SO FUCKING HORNY!

This is a HOT scenario..  you have a BAD FART FETISH and your girls farts really turn you on!  BUT you are sometimes embarrassed to TRULY indulge in that stinky gas...  BUT  when she is on the phone you can TRULY enjoy her farts!  she is talking to her girlfriend.. she is not focused on YOU...  you can SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF away and not feel "weird" because she is not paying you any attention. you can REALLY bury your face in there and STROKE YOUR COCK while she farts because she is focused on her PHONE CALL and not YOU!  She does occasionally look back at you after a REALLY BIG ONE just to give you a smile and a wink.. MAN I love when this happens.. it is so SEXY and an amazing POV fantasy!


You just got home from work and you noticed your roommate SANTANA REDD is on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors.  You walk in the room and you are OVERWHELMED with a strong fart odor.. she says..

"Dude, I just farted really bad in here you don't want to come in here"  

when you don't leave right away she tells you...

"seriously, I am embarrassed.. it smells so bad.. please leave, I think I have another one coming"

although she pleads with you, you stay awhile because you are interested to see just how bad these STINKERS are going to get!

BIG FARTS IN THIS ONE!  Mufasa is farting better than ever and looking better than ever showing off that round THICC ass and those BIG BALLOON TITTIES putting everything in your face and lettin' loose!!

OMG watch Dakota place her nose INSIDE of Mufasa's asshole!
  then Mufasa pushes out RUMBLY farts and vibrates Dakota's face.
  haven't seen many things in life HOTTER THAN THIS!!!!

FUCK FUCK FUCK.. i mean... LOOK AT THE EXAMPLE PIC!!!  fuck fuck FUCK! the hottest girls on the planet sniffing each others farts.. rumbling each others noses VIBRATING EACH OTHERS FACE!

Every time Bunny TWERKS her round ass a DEEP TROMBONE fart comes out!  those TIGHT BLACK LEATHER PANTS are making her ass make some UNIQUE sounds!  and some of them are HUGE and RUMBLY!

Your hot roommate comes home HYSTERICAL and just COLLAPSES on the bed!  You are not sure what is wrong with her but she lays on the bed and is ripping FART AFTER BASSY FART in tight pants.  DID SHE TAKE SOMETHING BAD??  DID SOMEONE GIVE HER SOMETHING BAD???  she is acting very STRANGE... but STILL you are sniffing those farts.. after every BASSY FART you bury your face in there and SNIFF!  you feel GUILTY about the farts are so LONG AND DEEP you just have to smell them... and they STINK!  what in the hell happened to her??? what did she eat????  after a while.. she stops farting.. and then offers you DRINK YOUR CUM and that you can JERK OFF INTO HER MOUTH!!!

THE AMAZING BUNNY has one of those asses where her farts sound DEEP AND RUMBLY even when she is BARE ASSED!!  In this clip she is pushing out those TROMBONE HUMMERS right in your face.. and right when you are ready to cum from jerking off she invites you to CUM ON HER FUCKING TONGUE!!!

Bunny knows that people JERK OFF to her movies..
so she did something special.. she wanted you to imagine
HEARING her farts.. and SNIFFING her fart at the same

Remember the girl from vine who said "Oh Damien, then *FART*" and also "you don't like me, you don't like me *FART*" she said things like "i love you, just kidding" then she farted really loud?? Well Once again I asked BUNNY to make a cute, candid funny video like that and she NAILED IT! She got the funny FACIAL EXPRESSIONS down and everything and she said some funny stuff and ripped some LOUD, DEEP FARTS! she was just like the VINE GIRL she really nailed it!! this clip is funny and hot.. because as always funny can be hot too!!

These deep farts in tight grey leggings
were so SMELLY that Santana Redd was
actually proud of them!  It's like she
could not believe that smell was
coming out of her!  And she wants
you to sniff them so bad for some
reason.  Are you up for this??!


see also Disturrbia see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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Being behind Bunnies BASSY, GASSY ass would be the
happiest punishment.  She says "I wish you were
here behind me, they stink so bad today you would
love them"  as she pushes out fart after fart after
TUBA SOUNDING fart!  I would love to be behind her
trapped in Bunnies FART JAIL!


see also Disturrbia see also JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also CotDayumm see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter at CWorldent