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Mufasa Fart King Dutchess Dakota Reign Ms. Parker
Hannah Stormz Felicity Smyth Black Diamond and many more!

CWORLD ENT back again!      For this custom fantasy I told Santana. your boyfriend made you eat 12 eggs so you could fart in his face Throughout the video she says, You are such a weirdo, I can't believe you made me eat a dozen eggs just so I could fart in your face. Your face is going to melt! Man they stink so bad. How can you stand that smell? Oh my God! This whole house smells like rotten eggs! I can smell them all the way up here! You are one sick person! she even laughs out loud a few times because she can't believe how bad they smell and they're right in your face!

CWORLD ENT back again!    Santana puts on  LEGGINGS and RECORDS ALL HER FARTS for 24 HOURS!   and MAN.  did she put on a FART CLINIC in these  leggings!  you heard just about EVERY TYPE OF FART you can think of!  some of them were so INSANELY HUGE! 


CWORLD ENT back again! part 2-  Santana is back at it in TIGHT JEANS! these long farts are EXTRA DEEP and BASSY! like a  MOOSE CALL or a cow going MOOOOOOOO!  deep and long and with a sexy sigh of relief after every drawn out blast!!

C WORLD ENT is back at it! your step-mom has a present for you... she is going to place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"
CWORLD ENT! all day! Dakota's farts are REALLY STINKY because she needs to take a FAT FAT DUMP! she really needs to sit on the toilet but she knows you LOVE SMELLING THEM when they STINK THE MOST.. so she tells you...


out of the world of C WORLDENT Santana Redd wants you to sniff her nasty gas and eat her nasty ass right after she just got off the toilet.. she tells you....

"I just dropped the biggest load ever! fuck... it was like 4 fucking brown cucumbers" " and the logs were so thick.. they hurt my ass coming out"  "you can eat my ass if you want too.. but I am warning you.. my ass stinks right now, that was a smelly big load" "taste my ass baby.. taste it.. i know you can taste it.. do you like it.. eat it baby I know there is still some on my cheeks.. I only wiped once"

and as she pushes out the farts in your face she says

"fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes" as she pushes out each fart.. as you are back there sniffing them

straight from the world of C WORLDENT this NEW ROCSI clip has her telling you to bury your face in her big ass because her EXTRA STINKY fart will stay in the pajama pants for a very long time and linger there!

straight from the minds of CWORLD ENT Rocsi is in fart slave mode today!  she orders you to eat her ass... sniff her farts and JACK YOUR DICK as she rips EVE TABOO type blasts in your face! and MAN look at that ass!!!

straight out the world of C WORLD ENT Rocsi, your step-mom wants you to come into the kitchen so she can blow her LONGEST FART EVER right into your face! and many many more!

PART 2! THIS IS SO HOT! have you ever heard a cow go MOOOOO!? well that is what these farts sounding like! followed by a long SIGH OF RELIEF....  SO SEXY!...farting like JACK DA RIPPER one of THE GREATEST FART MODELS TO EVER WALK THE EARTH Punishing you with MEGA BLASTS SANTANA REDD is back! as she fucking PULVERIZES YOUR FACE with the GREATEST FARTS EVER FUCKING RIPPED!  another queen is fucking BACK!

from the ill mindz of C Worldent come part 2 of this amazing clip! PEAR SHAPED ROCSI squeezed her HUGE ass into some tight jeans and ripped DEBBIE DISTURRED type farts and she is ORDERING you to bury your face in it!  THIS IS THE HOTTEST CLIP ON THE MARKET RIGHT NOW!!!

your step-mom saves all of her farts so she can blast them on your nose because your step-dad doe not allow her to fart freely.  she knows you look forward to sniff her butt after a stinky fart and she saves them all for you!

ONCE AGAIN Rocsi still can't believe you are turned on by her loud farts!  no guy has ever told her that before.  She thinks it is weird but she is totally willing to fart in your face! LOUDLY!

PART 2! 


"sniff it.. put your nose in the fabric of the shorts.. isn't my butt so soft?" "sniff that fart. the smell will stay for a long time in my shorts... the smell will stay for one hour.. bury your nose in that fart.. my ass will make all your stinky dreams come true.. so get ready to smell my farts all night"

PART 2!! PEAR SHAPED ROCSI told me she has her BEST farts in the morning and she was NOT lying!  she rolled right outta bed and recorded these BIG BERTHA TYPE BLASTS for us!

FUCK!!!! her round ass.. the sexy way she moves.. her DEEP LOW TONED FARTS! it is now time to fall in love with SANTANA REDD! she is your new fart fetish fantasy! take her hand, go with her and enjoy the fucking ride! don't be shy!  close your eyes and get ready to sniff BASSY FARTS all night long!

ONCE AGAIN in this CUSTOM FANTASY your roommate Santana has NOT been paying her part of the bills and she also has NOT been farting in your face like she promised she would.  So to teach her a lesson you LOCKED THE BATHROOM DOOR!  she NEEDS TO TAKE A HUGE DUMP but you have LOCKED HER OUT OF THE BATHROOM and she CANNOT STOP FARTING! she is just about to DUMP IN HER PANTS when she decides to drop her HUGE LOAD in a nearby trash can.  she is SO PISSED at you for locking the bathroom she decides to DUMP THE TRASH CAN on your head at the end.. for revenge!

THIS IS PART 2! in her NEW LATEX PANTS Fennixx tells you...

"are you sure? I am so nervous, what if they stink really bad??"

"I have never done this before, I can't believe you want to smell my fart. I like it though"

"Sniff it.. sniff it real slow.... I am sorry they stink.. they are kind of bad today, I hope it's ok"

playing the role of your girlfriend farting for you for the first time

Fennix is in FART SLAVE mode today! she is ripping MONSTER farts in her new latex pants right on your nose and then she wants you to eat her WET DIRTY ass after each fart so she takes her pants down for you! THIS IS PART 2!

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?) well these farts were mostly MUFFLED.  Bubbley.. kinda like that BIG BERTHA sound we all love!  the pants are tight on her ass so the air can BARELY ESCAPE her butt cheeks which makes for really DEEP MUFFLED sounds!

In this video Fennixx put THICK FABRIC on her ass because she knows the smell will LINGER AND STAY IN THE FABRIC for a long time to enhance your sniffing pleasure.. she tells you....

"bury your nose in my big soft butt... the fabric on these pants will hold in the smell very well for you... my farts smell like rotten eggs today.. you will love them" PART 2

Once Again!  Watch Fennixx fart for nearly 3 MINUTES STRAIGHT as she attempts to sing a song for you with her ass!  you will NOT BELEIVE the sounds coming outta that booty and how LONG these farts are!!

RIPPING SIMPLY AMAZING FARTS IN SKIN TIGHT JEANS!!!  Santana in this custom fantasy is mad at you!  she is cleaning her house and farting so fucking LOUD AND BUBBLY because she has bad gas!  she is embarrassed and wants to be left alone but you have a fart fetish so you refuse to leave.. because these farts are just TOO DAMNED GOOD!  she tells you "this whole house smells like eggs"  "can you FUCK OFF"  "PLEASE STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND"  BRRRUUUUUMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH

RIPPING FUCKING INCREDIBLE FARTS IN HER NEW BROWN LATEX PANTS!!!  Fennixx in this custom fantasy is mad at you!  she is cleaning and farting so fucking LOUD AND BUBBLY because she has bad gas!  she is embarrassed and wants to be left alone but you have a fart fetish so you refuse to leave.. because these farts are just TOO DAMNED GOOD!  she tells you "my ass is like a crazy monster right now, please leave the room, I don't want you here"  and even tells you to "fuck off!"