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DECEMBER 12th 2019

If you would have told me 15 years ago that two of the hottest girls to ever fart on cam would be WORSHIPPING each others asses and SNIFFING each others farts and that they would be SISTAZ.. I would have said...  "yea.... right".  THE FART SNIFFING SISTERS SAGA CONTINUES....

DECEMBER 6th 2019

Gorgeous Dakota goes to the mall to pick up some art supplies... problem is she has BAD GAS!  She try to let them out in the public bathroom but they continued to come as she went to the art store.. they were LOUD and she DID NOT care! and this is her FIRST farting in jeans video... how about that?!?! and on top of that.. man.. this girl is so frickin PRETTY

NOVEMBER 28th 2019

Still pushing the envelope... putting out the best content we have ever put out C World continues to push the fart "culture" forward!  WHO EVER FUCKING THOUGHT you would see girls THIS HOT and them be SISTERS and they would be sniffing each others BUBBLY FARTS.. this... is... INSANE!

NOVEMBER 20th 2019

Mufasa and Dakota are both loading up on nachos with lots of REFRIED BEANS and both of them are farting up a storm!  Mufasa is letting them rip RIGHT IN DAKOTA'S FACE..  I wish it was mine!

NOVEMBER 14th 2019

Your hot girlfriend Lola is getting a little annoyed because she is doing chores around the house and every time she farts you are behind her trying to sniff it.  She thinks you are CREEPY but somehow that turns you on more... go figure.

NOVEMBER 6th 2019

The most beautiful six words ever spoken.  Two HOT sisters farting in each others mouths... Watch MUFASA nestle her nose between the ROUND CHEEKS of DAKOTA as she rips FART after RUMBLY FART right in Mufasa's nostrils.. watch them kiss..  WATCH ALL YOUR FUCKING FART WET DREAMS COME TRUE!

OCTOBER 27th 2019

Your hot girlfriend is gassy.. get over it.  She wants you to stop complaining and come over and bury your face in these pajamas so you can see how amazing they smell.  the fabric holds in the stink for a while!

OCTOBER 19th 2019

Your bratty girlfriend Mufasa had a turkey sandwich earlier that gave her really bad gas.  She is in your car, FARTING UP A STORM and you are getting pissed off.  And she DOES NOT CARE.. she is being rude.. she is telling you "too bad you don't like the smell I got gas"  she is just being a BRAT.  but she is so freekin HOT that you really can't be too mad..  as a matter of fact you kind of find it adorable.. but don't tell her.

OCTOBER 12th 2019

BE CLEAR.  Mufasa is one of the hottest girls we have ever seen.  NO CAP.  Let's enjoy girls like this when they come along!  Now for the video... OMG her HUGE BALLOON TITS look so good in this one and she LOVES showing them to us!  And every time she rips a loud fart she ends up with DIARRHEA in her butt because she has an upset stomach...  but she knows she is so hot no one cares about the DIARRHEA IN HER BUTT.. cuz.....  LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING TITS!

OCTOBER 6th 2019

When you are the FART KING of the nation.. you can go to Vegas and walk around the halls of the Hotel showing off your BUSH and FARTING LOUDLY.... Mufasa can also go to BED BATH AND BEYOND and rip HUGE farts while people are around.. Mufasa can also fart while in her car.. in a crowded parking lot with PEOPLE WATCHING HER... she can do all these things... because MUFASA IS FART KING

SEPTEMBER 27th 2019

Bassy DUCK sounding farts... deep THROATY
belches.. all being blown right in your nose.
 Can you handle this?!

SEPTEMBER 20th 2019

Mufasa does NOT wear panties..usually
 but she recently just went out and bought
 some to fart in because she knows PANTY FARTS
 are a staple in the fart community.. some sexy ones
 so welcome to the farty panty party!

SEPTEMBER 14th 2019

Mufasa is sitting in your NEW CAR and farting up a storm.  Yah... she is the hot girl and you want to fuck tonight so you can't say anything even though she has your new car smelling like ROTTEN EGGS.  She's got gas and she is the BOSS so sit there in FART JAIL and take it like a man.

SEPTEMBER 8th 2019

LIKE THIS!  She is being a MEAN
girl in this one and it is HOT AS HELL!
"Sniff this fart bitch, stop being a pussy"
I hate to admit it but seeing a smokin' hot
chick being a BRAT is so fucking hot! And
these farts were HUGE and WET this clip
is so fucking AMAZING!

SEPTEMBER 4th 2019

Mufasa has been eating OYSTERS again.  Whenever she eats oysters her farts smell SO BAD!  She could not stop farting and she was stinking up the whole house so her family MADE HER LEAVE!  So she went out to let out her HORRENDOUS GAS in public.. and she brought her camera with her!

AUGUST 30th 2019

She might be the HOTTEST MODEL TO
EVER LIVE and she can fart with the best
of them.  MFK is SCORCHED fucking EARTH!

AUGUST 25th 2019

Every time Mufasa farts she SOILS HERSELF.
  It feels like HOT GRAVY in her butt and
 she says the whole car smells like GRAVY. 
 MMmm. MMmm. good!

AUGUST 18th 2019

These farts are so WET AND SLOPPY Mufasa needs
 to WIPE HER BUTT!  but she is so cute and pretty
 and adorable you will forget how RAUNCHY
these farts really are!  NOBODY IS BETTER THAN MUFASA!

AUGUST 10th 2019

Mufasa does a lot of partying which means a LOT of food.. a LOT of drinks and a LOT of stomach aches.  these farts were HUGE and VERY WET!  I think a little more than sharting was taking place.. these farts were SO SLOPPY sounded more like DIARRHEA happening in her pants! and she said they smelled like the RUNZ


Mufasa is CONSTANTLY drinking beer with makes for RAUNCY BEER FARTS and deep BASSY BEER BELCHES!  If you like burping and farting in the same clip this is the one for you!  She looks so hot in this one.. but then again she looks so hot in EVERY clip!  Body is on FLEEK.

JULY 25th 2019

There has been many amazing fart girls over the years... but then there are girls that I consider "fart royalty".  Selena Loca, Debbie Disturrbed.. Emma Inc.. just to name a few.  Mufasa Fart King is definitely amongst the BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to fart models.  Enjoy these HUGE farts in different scenarios taken over a few days.. showing off the BOOBS.. the BUSH and those KINGLY fart skills!

JULY 17th 2019

Ms. Kitti AKA Cat Shop Callie AKA Mufasa Fart King is back with a sexy compilation and she is looking HOTTER THAN EVER!  She is both FARTING and BURPING like a CRAZY GURL!  In this clip she definitely has BOTH GUNZ BLAZING!

JULY 9th 2019

She's perfect.. she understands the fetish she LOVES THE FETISH!  She talks about how "she likes to fart in sweatpants because the smell stays in the fabric longer"  She's a DEEP FARTER with a big round booty... but still fit and sexy.. she will fart IN PUBLIC.. she is one of the PRETTIEST fart girls ever.. yes  she is the FART GIRL OF ALL OF OUR DREAMS!  this just posted to CWorldEntt see also JackDaRipper and Disturrbia

JULY 2ND 2019

OMG they way these farts sounded!  So RUMBLY..... BRUMMMMPH  so deep and her ass in the tight yoga pants.. and later in jeans ... UNREAL! sounded like a BILLY GOAT stuck in her ass!!  Maybe the best fart model ever... ya.. I said.  She is the queen of the FETISHY style... she knows just what to say and not that fake overacting junk... believe me.. you will FALL IN LOVE!!  just Like I did!

JUNE 20TH 2019

Dakota got BAD FARTS today!  She is not sure
what she ate to create such a bad smell but
these farts REALLY REEK!  And they are LOUD
too!  Friends and family made her go outside
because she was stinking up the house then
she went outside but they were so loud the
neighbors could hear her.  The poor girl just
can't fart in peace!