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JUNE 8TH 2019

Boo Alexa LoveRochelle and Mufasa.  I consider those 3 as the HOTTEST EFF ROW models ever.  Seeing a chick that is so SMOKING HOT indulge in the darkest of fetishes will ALWAYS be a treat.  This is Mufasa's DIRTIEST clip.  Cat Shop worthy filthiness by the HOTTEST to ever get so NAUGHTY.. MFK.  I don't want to desecribe... JUST BUY IT.. that is all I can say.

MAY 29TH 2019

She may be the best ever but this is definitely her BEST TOILET CLIP EVER!  Her NASTIEST ever.. her BIGGEST LOAD ever!  Let's Enjoy Mufasa Fart King... models like this don't come along very often.  Did we truly appreciate Emma Ink?  Did we truly appreciate Minxie or Princess Lynne?  We did NOT.  Mufasa is right up there with the BEST TO EVER DO IT and this clip could be 100 dollars!  This one is SPECIAL!

MAY 20TH 2019

Cat Shop Callie is really comfortable on the toilet.  She loves during DIRTY things and being DIRTY for her fans.  Simply put she LOVES dumping!  and She loves making it NASTY for you because she knows it drives the toilet freeks crazy!  this clip is a WHOLE week of EXTREME toilet fun!

MAY 12TH 2019

We have never seen anyone like her.  So innocent.. so naughty all rolled up into one.  She's like your best buds freaky sister.  Or the girl from across the hall.  Girl next door for sure but AS NASTY AS YOU WANT HER TO BE!  This is her BEST toilet clip yet... Fetishy style.. HUGE LOADS... BIG LOGZ everything a true TOILET FREEK would ever want in a video....  YOU GOTTA SEE THIS ONE!

MAY 4TH 2019

Sexy Mufasa is a very busy girl and when she's gotta go she"s gotta go!  She is always on the run and by the time she has to go number 2 usually it is URGENT and she can barely make it.  In these two scenes she had to quickly GET IT OUT and it was SO URGENT some of it hit the floor... but even in a hurry she took the time to make the videos EXTRA SEXY for us!  Nice "fetishy" talk in this one as well!

APRIL 26TH 2019

Watching an EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE chick push out
 a FOOT LONG log will never get old.  This clip is pretty
 straight forward.  One of the hottest fetish models we
 have ever seen in 2 scenes remind us why she is one
 of the best to ever do it!

APRIL 18TH 2019

I have been in it from the very beginning.  I Have seen most of the fart clips that have been made since the internet was created.  And based on what I know.. THIS fart clip should be priced at ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!  Since I do it for the CULTURE I will NOT price this clip at a THOUSAND DOLLARS... even though it would be well worth it!  Mufasa is just SO INCREDIBLE!  Very HOT Very Dirty and Very Good at both fart clips and toilet clips!  This one starts off with farts and ends in a PUBLIC UNLOAD that you won't believe.  She REALLY filled that PUBLIC TOILET and her sexy FARTS IN SPANDEX PANTS will leave you Wanting More!

APRIL 10TH 2019

Being an up and coming Social Media Influencer means you have a very busy schedule.  So busy that you down even have time to drop a good load.  both of these sexy dumps took THREE DAYS to get out and these are some of the BIGGEST PILES of her young career! and of course she is looking SO FRICKIN' HOT!

APRIL 3RD 2019

Although she makes fantastic toilet content let us not forget she came into this world as MUFASA FART KING!  So she is putting all of her sexy farting skills on display for all of her fans!  Sexy Sounding farts that most likely STUNK by the sound of them and her reactions to them are hot as well!  I would do anything to bury my face into that ROUND BOOTY of hers and see first hand what MUFASA'S FARTS truly smell like!

MARCH 27TH 2019

Watching the FUCKIN' INCREDIBLE Mufasa Fart King will make you feel like THE BIGGEST CREEPER in the world!  You watch her.. you want to SUCK things.. you want to EAT things... her ass... her pussy... you even want to eat THE HUGE PILES coming outta her ass... you want to put your mouth in places it SHOULD NOT BE and eat things   YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT.... these 2 scenes.. will make you a CREEPER when you are finished watching them... you NASTY MUTHA FUCKA YOU!

MARCH 19TH 2019

This new FETISHY side of Mufasa is really making me fall in love!  "My nipples get so hard for you"  "I love bouncing on your cock.. want me to suck it while I'm bewping?"  I personally LOVE when girls are being naughty and dirty for ME.  and ME only.  So if that is the part of the fetish that you like then you will LOVE this clip!

MARCH 12TH 2019

Showing off her BIG TITS and promising to SUCK YOUR DICK REALLY GOOD this new FETISHY SIDE of Mufasa is really making me fall in love even more than what I already am!  And this is taking the BIGGEST LOADS of her very young career!  YOU MUST SEE THIS NEW SIDE OF HER!  Mufasa Fetishy Style!!

MARCH 4TH 2019

Two great scenes.. One with BIG THICK LAWGZ and one where she stands above the the toilet and RAINS DOWN DIARRHEA into the toilet!  BOTH ARE NASTY and BOTH ARE unbelievably to see from such a cute innocent looking girl like Mufasa.  CAT SHOP CALLIE is at it again!!  Maybe her BEST ONE YET!


MUFASA IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!  I asked her one question.. if her man had "the fetish" how would she make is fetish dreams come true?  She said she would "ride his cock then fill up the toilet and let him watch"  That is exactly what she shows you in this clip!  She wanted to show her fans exactly HOW SHE RIDES DICK!  Just imagine her.. on top of you.. HUGE TITS bouncing up and down riding your cock and then taking a HUMONGOUS dump for you!  OMG.... what would that be like in REAL LIFE?!?!?!


Yea.. I said it.  Mufasa is now making CAT SHOP type videos!  (you kno what im talkn bout)  She might be the PRETTIEST GIRL to ever make a video so NASTY since BOO ALEXXA!  BOO ALEXXA, Luv Rochelle, CAT WIFE,  there have been a few chicks that made FILTHY NASTY video but Mufasa aka CAT SHOP CALLIE might be the hottest of them all!  Watch her fill the toilet with a BIG SLOPPY MESS in 2 different scenes and do other things that you could only FANTASIZE about... untill now!  This clip is for the DIRTY DAWGS of the toilet fetish!  If you are not a lover of the EXTREME then you might want to skip this one!!!

Your HOT HOT HOT girlfriend Mufasa has been partying with her girls all weekend and she has come home late 2 nites in a row ready to FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT!  But first she has to TAKE A DUMP!  Yep all that drinking always upsets her stomach.. but don't let the fact that she has had TOO MUCH TO DRINK distract you from letting her drop her loads so you can SMASH!  THIS IS A POV MUST SEE FANTASY!

GAWD SHE'S SO FUCKING HOT!!!!  How can someone so cute and innocent and wholesome and adorable end up being THE FILTHIEST RAUNCHIEST DIRTIEST fetish model on the entire scene?!  It's like if Milee Syrus and Durty Betti had a baby together!  She's like the super cute girl next door with a DARK SIDE!  TOILET FREEKS this is a clip you GOTTA SEE!!!!  END.... OF.... STORY!

When you see the LAWGS that are dropped in this clip you will wonder "how wide can her ass spread?!?"  I know this had to HURT!  Hannah Stormz turns in yet another classic toilet let adventure!

HANNA STORMZ IS SO FUCKING HOT!  My newest model has a body that is outta this world!  Nice round ass, super slim waist and a very petite frame.  but there is nothing petite about her ASS SPLITTING LAWGS!  I felt sorry for the girl almost as She gave birth to these MEGA LAWGZ!  They are SO BIG they are literally splitting her asshole in two pieces!  After ripping these SILENT BUT VIOLENT farts and showing off that body she really shows her SKILLS ON THE TOILET and she is definitely a BIG BEWPER!

TWO IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN ONE!  New Model Hannah Stormz and Sexy Sonia are going to ANNIHILATE your face with Stinky farts!  Hannah body is SO BOMB! She has such a nice round ass for a small frame and this girl can FART!  and you already know all about Sonia!  GET READY TO HAVE YOUR FACE MELTED!!!  and Sonia ends this movie with a FANTASTIC toilet clip! (Mufasa will be back next update)

I don't know what happened to Mufasa this week but her LOGGZ are THICK AND HUGE this week!  It's almost like they are splitting her ass in half and she even shows you!  Must be all that left over ThanksGiving food or something.  She is looking HOTTER than ever and everything in this video is BIGGER than ever!

THIS IS THE MUTHAFUKIN ONE!  I have lately wondered if Mufasa is the GREATEST MODEL TO EVER LIVE!!! and THIS might just be the video that proves it!  if you like beautiful girls farting THIS IS THE ONE... if you like cute girls dropping mega loads... THIS IS THE ONE!  if you like huge natural breasts... THIS IS THE ONE!  if you like gorgeous petite girls with big hairy bushes.. THIS IS THE ONE!  She looks so pretty in this one.. her boobs are getting BIGGER.. she drops her BIGGEST LOADS and rips her LONGEST AND WETTEST FARTS!  Im telling you right now...
THIS...... IS..... THE..... ONE!!!!!

OCTOBER 27th 2018

Every week that goes by I am amazed that I am working with a chick as HOT as Mufasa!  She is definitely exactly what we as fetishists dream about every night when we go to bed!  Some sexy HUGE, WET candid farts in this one but the hottest thing about this movie is watching this hottie stand up and let LONG LOGGS drop outta that perfect asshole!  There were a few times in this vid where she looked like A 3 LEGGED WOMAN!  So hot and fiesty!  So Girly and cute.. THIS is another MUST SEE from Mufasa!!

OCTOBER 11th 2018

I probably could have said this weeks again but THIS CLIP has cemented Mufasa as one of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.  Lexxxi Lockhart, Selena Loca, Jackie the Ripper, Kinky Kristi.... who ever your TOP FIVE are you have got to make room now for Mufasa!  Argueably the HOTTEST, amateur farter we have ever seen.. in this clip she is ripping her BIGGEST FARTS and dropping her BIGGEST LOADS!  She is mixing it up.. dropping BIG LOADS IN CUPS.. she is showing off that body.. that ass and those BALLON BOOBIES!  in this clip she did not come to play.. she wants to be one of the best.. and after seeing this film you will have to agree that she has definitely made it too GOAT STATUS!  this is PREMIUM content.. that is why it it priced the way it is.. for those of you who buy customs you will realize it REALLY IS A GOOD PRICE!
SEPTEMBER 25th 2018

THE HOTTEST MODEL IN THE WORLD is back with another masterpiece!  We all know that she can fart with the BEST of all the fart models but in this clip she really wanted to prove she can REALLY FILL A TOILET if she needs to!  Sexy Mufasa is definitely a TWO WAY PLAYA because the can rip monster farts and drop MEGA loads in the toilet!  Here to stay... check out the newest offering from Mufasa the 2018 Fart Model of the year!  This Toilet/Fart clip is another MUST BUY!
SEPTEMBER 13th 2018


Mufasa is a very busy girl!  She lives in a packed house, she is a college student and she is always on the run!  Many of her clips are done while in public and using public toilets.  She still finds a way to make them VERY HOT!  That is what makes her Public Enema Number one to the general public!  She is SO SEXY and these farts are HUGE!  This clip includes LOTS of explosive dumping and LOTS of explosive farting and you get to see the sexy MUFASA like you have NEVER seen her before!
August 28th 2018

Do I really need to say anything?!  Do I really need to make a description?!  When the GREATEST AMATEUR MODEL decides to join forces with the GREATEST FETISH WEBSITE what is it that you have....  CLASH OF THE TITANS!  Already Mufasa has entered that short list of the ELITE fart models of all time... let's get real...  WE HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS!  If you want to see the CUTEST YU TOOB GIRL EVER.... DROP A FEW MONSTER LOADS!!!.... BUY THIS CLIP!  If you have ever wondered what she looked like naked... BUY THIS CLIP!  In the words of Kevin Garnett... "this one of them ones!"....  YOU ... DO... NOT... WANT.... TO.... MISS.... THIS!!!!!!!!!!!  Queen of farts was taken.... Selena Loca is the Princess of farts... but I gotta call Mufasa the EMPRESS of farts because she is definitely FART FETISH ROYALTY!!  oh and did I mention YOU GET TO SEE HER DROP SEVERAL LOADS!!!!!!  O.... M..... GEEEEE!

AUGUST 13th 2018

In this sexy little fantasy you and Felicity are sitting together sniffing her farts.  You are both surprised at the WEIRD smells coming outta her sexy round ass!  THEY STINK and the have a nice sound to them.. like a horn or a cow moo'ing.  Sexy sounds and she is being so sweet. telling you...

"I ain't special foods for you today so they would be extra stinky.. like garlic and onions and lots of dairy, please honey.. come smell them with me.. I did this just for you"

You are there with her.. playing the "waiting game" waiting for her to fart so you guys can figure out what the smell is... together.  Cuz couples that fart together have a good start together!


hello fart slave.. Felicity has a game she wants to play.. she will fart and you will sniff.  Sounds like fun right?!  She has bad gas.. she has been eating a lot of RED MEAT and a lot of ONIONS.  And those two things give her the worst gas.  these farts are LOUD and according to her the smell is INTENSE.  She is being sweet and giving you a lot of farts in this POV fart fantasy!
JULY 18TH 2018

This is a very hot and realistic POV fantasy set to YOUR point of view!

You come home from a long day at work and your sexy girlfriend FELICITY SMYTH is sitting in a chair waiting for you.. She looks angry.. soon you will know why.  She found out from one of your friends that you have a FART FETISH.  She has always wondered why you act so strange around her when she farts.. well now she knows.  She is hurt that you were embarrassed to tell her.  Funny thing is she has GAS while you guys are having the conversation.  She kept leaning to one side and ripping long HORN farts outta her ass!  Sounded just like a trumpet.. I don't know why the sounded like that but she keeps ripping them.  At first she won't let you smell it.. because she is pissed at you.. then after a while she lets you get your nose in there because they smell really BAD and she knows you would like it.  

For the rest of this MOVIE she talks to you sweet and rips HORN FART after HORN FART right in your face POV style as long as you promise to never keep your sexual fantasies from her again.

JULY 3RD 2018

Nicole is eating only EGGS for 3 days.. the smell of her farts are UNBEARABLE!  they smell so ROTTEN and so EGGY they are making her sick.. but she will NOT stop eating eggs... Welcome to the house of EGGS!

JUNE 29th 2018

Some people get off on doing "dirty" things to beautiful women.  For instance there are some people who like to eat a girls ass right after she has just unloaded!  It's almost like eating the actual load is just too "hard-core" for you but eating her HUGE ROUND ASS while it still smells heavily of that dummp is something that just turns you on SO MUCH!  It's like the BIG, PERFECT ass is right in your face but the heavy smell of that RAUNCHY load is still very strong on it... it is like the yin and the yang of the whole thing is VERY EROTIC!  That is the POV FANTASY that plays out in this film...  Nicole has just taken the BIGGEST THUMP of her life and after UNLOADING 1O POUNDS OF BROWNIE she is going to let you have a taste to fulfill your secret and most dirtiest fantasy!  DO NOT MISS THIS.. MY DIRTY DUDES!!!
JUNE 19th 2018

 In this FULL LENGTH MOVIE Natalia is ripping some sure fire MONSTER FARTS!  I love they way her long farts sound!  Sounds like her ass is clapping!  She is the SEXIEST MILF on the planet!  She is a classic model and will go down in history as one of the all time greats!  Those boobies, that ass.. her gorgeous voice.. and pretty face.. but yea... in this video HER HUMONGOUS FARTS take center stage!  You don't want to miss this one!!

JUNE 5th 2018

 BLACK DIAMOND IS BACK! and she ate a big plate of soulfood as fart fuel for this video... Ox tails, cheesy grits and COLLARD GREENS!  It's the GREENS that give her the worst gas!  Her ass just smells like a BIG SEWER!   She did not have a face to fart on so she got a plush toy and pretended it was her number one face behind there.. sniffing all that FUNKY GOODNESS!

JUNE 2ND 2018

 These are Miss Parkers BIGGEST LONGEST FARTS EVER!  You will think you are being bombed by the enemy these farts are so HUGE AND EXPLOSIVE!  This clip shows once and for all why she is one of the GREATEST FARTERS OF ALL TIME!  

MAY 18 2018

  Poor Ms Parker's body is in turmoil!  After eating a big pot of Lentil soup for 3 days straight she has the WORST GAS of her whole life!  There are probably her BIGGEST FARTS YET and that is saying a lot!  MASSIVE long HORSE FARTS which lead to MASSIVE WATERY FARTS on the toilet and MASSIVE DUMPPING!

APRIL 2ND 2018

  She is one of the greatest farters this genre has ever seen!  This movie and these farts will NO DOUBT put her in the fart girl hall of fame!  If you are a lover of HUGE LONG DEEP FARTS this clip is a MUST BUY!

APRIL 18TH 2018

  THIS ONE ONE MONTH'S WORTH OF FARTS!  I had MISS PARKERRR! record ONLY HER BIGGEST farts for over the course of a month and these rips did not dissappoint!  They are so HUGE and LONG!  Big fart lovers this is a must see!  She will go down as one of the top 2 or 3 GREATEST FARTERS of all time!  There are SO MANY FARTS in this FULL LENGTH FART MOVIE that is is the ONLY CLIP YOU NEED!
APRIL 14TH 2018

 MOST OF THESE FARTS WERE 15 SECONDS LONG!  These are probably the best farts MRS. PARKERRR! have given me!  I very LARGE compilation of farts with very little lag time in between farts.. taken over 2 weeks with many different outfits and poses.. but the many thing...  THESE FARTS ARE LOOOONG!  I asked Mrs. Parker what the deal was with this gas and her only reply.. "my ass is a monster"

APRIL 3RD 2018

 Whether the is letting out LONG MOANING FARTS under the cover for her lover or just kicking back talking on the phone MRS. PARKERRRRR!  is letting out some of the BIGGEST FARTS EVER!  She never ceases to amaze me with her INCREDIBLE GAS!  I never thought someone would fart just like Anna Dedovic but I think MS. P. got her beat!  Enjoy this MEGA LONG candid fart movie!

APRIL 1ST 2018

 Mrs. PARRKAHHH'S farts are so BIG, LONG AND GINORMOUS you will think you are WHALE WATCHING by the sounds that are coming outta her ass!  LONG DRAWN OUT MOANS like you have never heard before!  She is definitely one of the top 5 farters OF ALL TIME!  How SO MUCH AIR can fit into one body I will never know!  And they eat much different where she lives so I can only imagine what they must smell like!  I'll tell you one thing tho.. you'd be risking your life burying your face into THIS ASS!  Get your head blown off real quick!  If you want to know what these farts sound like google "the sounds of whales".  Thus the name AQUA BOOTY!

MARCH 17TH 2018

 MRS.. PARKAHHHHHHHHHHH!  in this FULL LENGTH fart compilation Mama is ripping the BIGGEST FARTS YOU WILL EVER HEAR!  Jeans, panties, long dresses.. this clip is LOADED with MAMA'S MONSTER GAS!  with little lag time between farts!

MARCH 3RD 2018

 O.. M... GEE!  Some of the farts in this HUGE FART COMPILATION will have you sceaming "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!"  She is back baby!  MS.. PARKAAAAH is putting her INCREDIBLE FARTING SKILLS on display in this 20 MIN. FART MOVIE!  Jeans, naked, panties, pajama's.. you name it, she blew her asshole out in it!  She will go down as one of the greatest farters we have ever seen.  And in this full length fart fetish film you are going to hear it all!  If you like BIG LONG FARTS this clip alone will last you for a MONTH!


 Money Enjoys sex in the Morning just like  you do.. she is willing to fuck you but first she has some LONG, WATERY GAS that she needs to push out!  So you sit there with her and just talk with her while she is letting out these LONG MONSTROUS MORNING FARTS waiting patiently so the two of you can have sex!  Finally fart after fart after DEEP RUMBLY fart Mona is finally ready to have sex so you IMMEDIATELY start fucking her from the back while she is laying on her side.. and of course she blew a couple morning farts on your dick!


 In the car, in tight jeans.. dancing around the house, it does not matter where Nicole Blaze is at she is going to be putting on a FARTING CLINIC.. that is why she is the modern day QUEEN OF FARTS!  No one does it like her, no one can fart like her and she is so hot and curvy she is the PERFECT big booty fart model!  Welcome to her BASSY, RUMBLY WATER WORLD!


 Sexy Black Diamond is back and she is SHAKING and TWERKING that booty for you and ripping EXPLOSIVE and WET farts!  Showing off that PERFECT ass BD is serving up fart fetish in her very own unique and special way!  Now I got one question.. "can I touch that booty?"


 Sometimes you don't have the time to get out the fancy camera and the sexy outfit when you want to make a fart video.  Or simply you have a GREAT FART that you don't want to waste.  So I had Michelle record her DOWNTIME farts in the form of a "selfie" and she really got some SEXY HORN FARTS for me.. because that is what her farts usually sound like.. a FOG HORN and she said the smell like HOT SULPHUR because she has been eating a lot of meat lately!


 Natalia is back and guess what.. SHE GOT BAD GAS!  She starts off in a thong and then puts on a pair of sexy silky pajamas and rips LONG BUBBLERS over and over again!  We all know this girl can fart.. we know her track record... we also know that ass is HUGE and round with meaty cheeks!  And her sexy voice and "fetishy" talk will drive you wild!


 Felicity Smyth will go down as one of my ALL TIME FAV'S that have ever come onto the scene.  I LOVE this girl.. her body.. her style of clips.. her voice.. her UNUSUALLY HUGE farts for her petite size.  Her perfectly ROUND apple bottom!  In this clip she is very tired and sleepy... but also very GASSY.. she looks SO HOT showing off that SLIM THICK body dosing off.. laying in the bed... so so HOT!

Still one of my fav fart models of all time Felicity Smyth is back with a sexy FETISHY fart compilation in panties farting deep DUCK FARTS and showing off that PERFECT body of hers!  She knows you want it and she is going to give it to you.. in your face!


Poison Envy looks so pretty in this clip but she
got gas REALLY BAD!  Still eating left over junk
from the Holidays got her stomach all tore up!
She says here whole house smells like an OUTHOUSE!
Now PE.. you know you are too PRETTY to smell SHITTY!